Our farm is arranged with three distinct training areas, each surrounded by turn-outs with their own unique presence. The three areas connect with horse paths making nice grass riding trails for a leisurely and scenic ride from barn to racetrack and barn to barn. Each barn area has its own riding choices with forested trails that are designed for our young horses beginning riding education. We have various riding areas around the farm for early flat work and calisthenics. These areas also provide a decompressing environment for horses needing rest and rehabilitation.

Our farm is a private 300-acre gated horse facility which offers more than 200 acres of green grass turn-outs in varying sizes to fit each individual horse’s needs. Pastures are double fenced with ample space to run, play and graze. All 36 pastures are designed with automatic waters and covered feeders to maintain the good quality of their feed. All three barn areas have European walkers designed with ideal footing for a safe exercise choice. Sleepy Oak trees are throughout the ranch and offer a natural haven for horses to take refuge from the sun. Stalls are fully matted and equipped with automatic waters, fans, ventilation, and insect control. The racetrack is an excellent 5/8-mile dirt track with a 4-horse starting gate. Our facility is approved to get published breezes and gate cards to advance each horse with a complete education before leaving Woodside.

Bryan and Holley’s residence is located on the farm which allows for close supervision of the horses.


Training Barn is located at the center of the property and has the most direct access to the racetrack. This barn consists of 23 stalls, 2 wash racks and a well maintained warm up shed-row that circles the center aisle barn. This barn also includes 50 panel stalls with mesh shade cover for cooling and feeding areas and a paddock with 6 round pens for starting and small exercise turn outs. This area also has its own Equine-safe swim pond.

A pavilion for visitors is located near the track and the central training barn. This is an ideal place to spend a morning watching horses and riders working together to create future champions.


South Barn is equipped with 23 stalls, 2 wash stalls and 6 large turn-out paddocks. We have 10 outside panel stalls with shade cover used for a temporary cooling and feeding area. This area offers a wooden round pen with an attached stall, designed for safety and control during the starting process. It has immediate access to a riding area that is nestled in a grove of large oak trees, a truly relaxing environment to perfect base level calisthenics in the starting process.


North Barn has 41 stalls, 3 wash racks and 12 large turn-out paddocks. There are 20 additional outdoor panel stalls that have a mesh shade cover that we use for temporary cooling and feeding. Bridle paths through a forested area give us a great environment for early flat work and calisthenics. We have 8 round pens inside a paddock to serve as a working area during starting and also serve for small exercise turn-outs. There is easy access to one of our Equine swim ponds uniquely designed for horse safety and control.

Bryan and Holley make a continuous effort to maintain a safe environment where horses can develop, grow and mature naturally.

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